Choosing openhearted living.

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I want to hear from you! A simple yet intriguing question awaits

Today I would love to learn more from you, help you, and collaborate. But first, let me ask you this: Are you truly living openhearted?

This is a simple yet intriguing question. 

When I’ve asked individuals over the last few months, I had a mixed response.

Some felt there were many occasions when their heart had been open.

Others (who mistakenly assumed my question meant whether they were being nice, positive, caring, not having ego, or spiritually good in some way) believed on that basis they were definitely living openhearted.

And then there were those who confided in me that an open heart wasn’t safe or practical, that it was a bit of a sentimental notion, and one best left in the closet.

The thing is we all have a heart.

And we have all experienced our heart.

But to consciously choose openhearted living is something a little different.

Choosing openhearted living is about being love in action – for self, others, and the world around you.

It is what happens when you consciously live from wholeness – merging your humanity with your divinity in an inspired and practical manner.

It’s the portal for flourishing, and for coming more alive in an aware, truthful, and interconnected way.

And yes, it must be a choice if you want to live this way.

Because, although you are Love, your default is to fall asleep to that.

Without making a clear choice for openhearted living you will, in practice, be ruled and driven by the repeating patterns of your fears and limiting beliefs and assumptions.

You will mostly be fear in action.

And so you will experience more disconnection than connection. More anxiety and stress than joy. More feeling stuck, than alive.


I am choosing openhearted living.

As you will know, this does not mean I am a Buddha! It means that I orientate and live by the choice, in a practical way.

I use the choice in the various ways I can to take the power out of fear-based behaviour, usefully meet old wounding when it comes up, and then to re-navigate. And I use it generally in my day to live true, have fun, and feel more alive and connected in all that I do.

So, what about you?

How do you fare with openhearted living?magpie

  1. Consider this:
    ➡    If needing to be in control still dominates your life more than you’d like…
    ➡    If you get embroiled in power dynamics, reactivity, and drama a lot…
    ➡     If you often hear yourself say: ‘’why can’t my life just work out?’’…
    ➡     If you won’t do what you love, or tell yourself you can’t have it…
    ➡     If your focus is on avoiding your emotions and vulnerability…
    ➡     If you have repeated difficulties with trust…
    ➡     If you criticise more than you’d like…
    ➡     If you feel like you still cannot express your truth…
    ➡     If you feel alone, that you don’t belong, or know you are in hiding…
    ➡     If you feel disconnected from the natural world…
    ➡     And, if lack or boredom are two of your dominant experiences….

    Then, sure, you will still be enjoying moments of your beautiful heart outside of all that – but you won’t be receiving the gifts and opportunities awaiting you within the larger choice for openhearted living.

    Choosing openhearted living is what I orientate by, teach, mentor, write, and speak about.

    Since you have been reading my newsletters for a while now, I would love to hear how you roll with openhearted living – or with opening your heart.

    1. How do you still struggle with opening your heart? Where are you conflicted with choosing openhearted living? 

    2. If I were to create a free and simple gift for you and other subscribers of my newsletter, what would you love it to be about? What would you find useful, and love to have from me? Why?

    To those of you who reply to one or both of these, I look forward to writing back!

    Thank you for choosing to be a part of the conversation and collaboration, as I continue to bring you what is true for me to bring over the coming weeks and months – and what continues to speak to your desires and needs.

    In the meantime, I’ll be flopped on the couch taking a nap and reading my book :)

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