Choosing openhearted living.

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Are you truly living openhearted?

This is a simple yet intriguing question.

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You may well feel there are many occasions when your heart has been open. And if you think what I am asking has to do with things like being nice, positive, caring, not having ego and spiritually good in some way, you might be tempted to think openhearted is how you roll. Or you could of course be of the opinion that an open heart is sentimental, and not safe or practical at all.


The thing is we all have a heart. And we have all experienced our heart.

But to consciously choose openhearted living is something a little different.


Choosing openhearted living is about being love in action – for self, others, and the world around you. It is what happens when you consciously live from wholeness – merging your humanity with your divinity in an inspired and practical manner. It is the portal for flourishing, and for coming more alive in an aware, truthful, and interconnected way.

And it must be a choice.

Because, although you are Love your default is to fall asleep to this. Without making a clear choice for openhearted living you will, in practice, be ruled and driven by the repeating patterns of your fears and limiting beliefs and assumptions. You will be mostly fear in action. You will experience more disconnection than connection – more stress than happiness.


What will you choose?


If you often control; get embroiled in power dynamics, reactivity, and drama; feel like your life’s not working; won’t do what you love; avoid emotions and vulnerability; can’t trust; criticise; feel alone, that you don’t belong, or create a life of hiding; are disconnected from  the natural world; or often experience lack or boredom….

Then you may well be enjoying moments of your beautiful open heart outside of all that, but you won’t be receiving the gifts and opportunities awaiting you within the larger choice for openhearted living.


This is what I teach, mentor, write, and speak about.

I love it.

And I am good at it!


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