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Well guys I’ll get straight to it! The Love of One is now officially released!

A massive journey and creative vision has been completed.

And,with 90 minutes still remaining of my first 24 hours with the book going live, I am a wee bit drained!

So I’m going to keep things pretty brief here today and summarize all the juicy news!

  1. To buy the book: you can purchase as paperback or electronic version, on Amazon and all online platforms. Check out my my publisher’s author page for purchasing links, or go to my book page on my website

  1. The first two Amazon reviews are in and 5 stars! I’m sure over the life of this book there’ll be all sorts of different ratings given to The Love of One…but for now I’ll do a happy dance for my first five star ones from happy readers. Snippets: from one reader – “‘I marvel because my own Spirit has longed to read about how Magic looks in a very real life…This memoir is a multifaceted diamond”…And from the other reviewer: “It’s amazing how a human heart can break, yet heal to more than it was thought capable of bearing or celebrating…” TO READ IN FULL visit

  2. A note about Amazon’s ‘’look inside the book’’ feature. Please excuse that this is currently not working properly for all Amazon authors at the moment. Where it is available (including Amazon US and UK) it only lets you see a sample of the electronic version.

  3. If you are in Australia and are itching to get the paperback over the next few days: you can order direct with me and receive your copy much faster than Fishpond will send it. If you do it this way the book will be $28 inclusive of postage, which is about $3 more expensive than through Fishpond but you’ll be able to start reading sooner next week, and I can sign it for you! Send me an email today and we’ll take it from there.

  4. For online purchasing if you are in Australia or NZ:Fishpond is your best bet right now. Booktopia are notoriously slow to upload new authors and so it is not showing there yet.

  5. If you live local to me you can buy from my office and clinic and it will be cheaper than ordering it online. Please note I will also be having a small book signing and talk at Gnostic Forest on Wednesday June 2ndat 10 a.m. Come down and say hi, I’d love to see you!

  6. Catch up on the social media celebration posts: including the photo journey of Gordon in coma to now, healthy and thriving; and the magical story of what happened when I got my first sample copy of the book a few days ago!

Well, that’s it folks! I hope you buy the book and I hope you enjoy it and that it brings you value.

A HUGE and teary thank you for having been with me on this amazing journey – your support has been INVALUABLE and I am truly humbled.

I look forward to all that’s next!

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