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on treading lightly in your life

It’s a simple touch-base with you this week. I am both struck down with a viral detox event following the latest in a series of specific energy healings and activations since January, as well as being surrounded by the chaos of unpacked cupboards and bookcases while I prepare to move house on Saturday – the last short-term move before we move onto land.

I don’t know about you but the buzz-theme for me over the past few weeks has been about much de-cluttering, clearing, letting go, and cleansing…on multiple levels!

The message seems to be to lighten.

In fact, both my illness and the move seem to be bringing me to the same question yet again that I’ve been hovering over and around for some months now:

What is it to tread lightly in our lives?

What is it to move in our own world with an ease and grace such that wherever we land it allows for the integrity of self and others, and becomes of optimum service to ourselves and whoever or whatever we cross paths with?

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In our day to day life, what can it mean to tread lightly…


For me, right now treading lightly in the world is including:

Allowing myself to just let other people simply be on their own journey in life while I give my full focus and joy to attending to mine.

Noticing where and when I have deep emotional needs, and then meeting those needs myself in the moment, rather than complaining or feeling resentment, or expecting others to meet those needs and giving them the job of  that.

Eating for sustained energy on all levels – via smaller meals, more living foods, and veg juices

De-cluttering my home of old energy – papers, books, journals, workshop manuals, clothes, kitchenware, and any remaining general items I have not used in the last six months. In other words, letting go of the holding on.

Culling Facebook time and the amount of groups I belong to there; clicking a lot less on links for videos or commentary articles (especially about the state of the world and where we are or are not headed.) In other words, reducing the time I am hooked into the digital matrix, reducing the overload of stimulation to my brain from the digital matrix, and freeing up more time and space for interaction with my natural, tangible, and immediate physical world…and for more creativity!.

Loving myself enough to take a deep look at what I feel obliged to continue in my work and life or that I am powering on auto-pilot, versus what is fresh NOW and yet I have always yearned for, what is calling me NOW, and has me feeling current to myself now. Having the courage to own that, act on that, and take off any heavy mantles draped around my shoulders by myself or others.

There’s a lot more I could add but you get my drift.

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