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Are You Using These Three Letters to Open Your Heart?

There is a three-lettered word you and I know, that as I press pause in my life and reflect, I can see is a word I’ve been on a grand adventure with during these past months of prolific action taking. I’m thinking you might have been on a grand adventure with the word yourself at some point this year, or are about to perhaps? And I am smiling at the fact that the word even has three letters. Because three for me has always been the number that denotes magic and the Divine and the hero’s journey. So when these meanings are applied to my word – which is the word YES – they feel especially fitting. They are a nod and a wink for the highest potential of what our YES can be for our hearts and in the world. Not just any old yes of course, but our deep yes, the yes that is for things that resonate deep within our being. Here’s what I’ve been discovering…

It began back in 2014, when I said a deep “yes” to writing my book. And, since the completion of the manuscript, I have said a deep ‘’yes’’ to bringing it into the world. This has included a number of other declarations of “yes” all of which have been in support of this deeper one.

As it turns out, the repetition of YES has led to lots of things:

A friend offering to set up a skype call for me with her partner who is a radio-show host, and who in turn then offered to interview me early next year about my message, to which I agreed.

A few dedicated weeks of coaching to help me begin to create some kind of structure and foundation that will support my business and memoir when I bring it to the world.

The development of more meaningful relationships with those folk who like to hear from me, including via the weekly newsletter I decided to launch.

The creation of my first six week online course, asking people to join me in it, and stepping into being a facilitator for the first time.

There’s also been the creative brief for my book cover.

And I just accepted my first invitation to speak on a major them within my book, at a conference next January – which in turn, has meant I’ve had to craft the presentation, and complete stage three of my website.

So here’s the thing. I am sure I can’t be the only one on the planet to have noticed that the letter Y in YES looks like a person with arms outstretched to the universe? That the middle line of the E somehow resembles palms side by side and upturned? Or that the “S” somehow looks like movement going forwards?

Can you see it too?


I find it revealing. Because here’s what I have been learning as I choose my deep yes, and as I commit to all those smaller ”yes” moments that are in support of it:

YES expands me. And in every way possible when it is for my deep yes.

YES is part of what it takes to receive. Whether that is my gifts and talents, support from peers and friends, or the bounty from the universe.

YES backs me. Each time I say it I back myself, back my creations. This has been so important. If I won’t back myself, who will?

YES opens. It opens doors, it opens the mind, and it opens the heart. It opens me to possibility. It opens me to something greater than myself.

YES develops courage. A deep yes needs the courage and conviction to do what is true to do in support of it. Every smaller “yes” in service to that deeper one develops that courage. My yes has not always felt comfortable and it’s not always supposed to.

YES allows the magic. Repetition of those “yes” moments that are in favour of my deep yes has already begun preparing me for the lucky breaks, the synchronistic happenings, and the support from the universe.

YES stretches me. It lets me learn what I am truly capable of, just how far I can go. It invites my growing pains as I evolve!

YES begets more of itself. It leads to creative momentum, and acceptance of more invitations and opportunities to serve that deeper yes.

YES is what gets me back up and dusting myself off when I fall. It has served me well on the many, many occasions when I wondered if there was any point continuing with my goals. It’s what enabled the next action step. It’s what put me back in the ring. It’s what has kept me pointed due north.

YES develops trust. With every true yes, I have proven to myself I can trust me to be there for me, to follow through, to get up again, to not abandon my creations, to rely on myself. This is gold.

YES has me being in my life, in my adventure. There really is no other place to be, wherever it takes me.

And here and there, our YES may also need to be for some downtime, relaxation, a break in which to press pause and refuel. Which is why I am so very excited to be going on holiday for the next two weeks. Saying YES to that brings some much needed PLAY back into the equation!

Invitation: What about you? What is your deep yes? And from what smaller moment of ”yes” can you take action today, in service to that deeper call?


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